Structural Engineering
Modern Methods of Construction (MMC); Offsite Construction; Structural Design; System Development, Manufacture and Installation

Evolusion are experienced and leading experts in the development and design of all variations of MMC/Offsite Construction building systems, structural elements and individual components that go together to produce precision engineered panellised and modular rapid building system solutions, providing our services in Ireland, the United Kingdom and across the world.

Our experts will collaborate with your business to either develop an offsite capability or to improve your existing capability, thus driving your business forward.

Our multi-disciplinary team can provide consultancy and design services in the following areas: structures, manufacture, assembly, value engineering, offsite systems and materials, quality management, and building energy and sustainability assessment.

Evolusion offer comprehensive structural design services for traditional and MMC/Offsite Construction projects.

Our Philosophy “We have observed pitfalls and errors in off- site manufacturing in the past and we have the knowledge and expertise to avoid these for the future. We all need Off-site Construction to succeed.”

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LGS House Schematic