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MMC Ireland - An Update

Interest in MMC Ireland proved to be very high when the initiative was announced at the inaugural meeting in May 2022, with practically all of the key industry stakeholders expressing a desire to get involved.

Since then, a lot of preparatory and organisational work has been carried out in the background, and in September 2022 the founding members met. As can be seen from the adjacent graphic, it is a selection of very impressive companies, and must inspire confidence that the work of this industry body will be taken seriously, and that proposals put forward by MMC Ireland will be appropriately considered by the relevant authorities.

A key item on the agenda at this meeting of founder members was the election of the first Board of MMC Ireland. Those chosen to represent MMC Ireland on the Board were Declan Wallace of Evolusion Innovation, Pat Kirwan of C+W O’Brien Architects, Tony McLoughlin of Glenveagh Properties plc, Eoin Waldron of Castle Modular, Ger Fahey of Horizon Offsite Ltd, Richard Walsh of O’Dwyer Steel and Kevin Loftus of Cairn Homes plc.

Speaking at the announcement of the new Board, Declan Wallace, our Evolusion Innovation CEO and a newly-elected Board Member, emphasised that:

“The overarching objectives of the body are to develop and promote Ireland’s MMC sector in order to build knowledge and awareness of the products and systems on offer in Ireland. Moreover, our members – through engagement with all stakeholders including relevant government departments and building control authorities – are committed to ensuring a regulatory environment that addresses compliance, testing, certification, quality and other obstacles to MMC adoption.”

MMC Ireland Board members
Newly elected Board of MMC Ireland

Head of MMC Delivery at C+W O’Brien Architects and newly-elected Board Member, Pat Kirwan said

“It has been proven that MMC can lead to more efficient and effective construction methodologies, which help to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment. Through the establishment of MMC Ireland, the construction industry now has a shared voice to develop a coordinated response to the many challenges we face such as a severe housing crisis and climate change.”
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