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Dynamic Modelling,
DEAP (Ireland) and SAP (UK)

Our Building Physics engineers are trained and qualified in the energy analysis of buildings and use Dynamic Modelling tools and techniques to maximise energy performance, and are highly proficient in the use of both the Irish Dwellings Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP) and in the UK's Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculation methodologies. We offer

  • Daylighting analysis;

  • Overheating analysis;

  • Design stage SBEM calculations;

  • Production of design stage BRUKL documentation;

  • EnergyPlus Simulation.

Using these tools and our experience and expertise in Building Energy Analysis, innovative and cost-effective solutions to your energy performance problems can be provided.

Dynamic Simulation Modelling

Dynamic Simulation Modelling

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We can provide you with top class Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) services. Whether you want us to design your building to attain a high rating, or whether you want buildings assessed, we have the people for you. Our assessors are very experienced experts in the energy efficiency of buildings, and are fully trained, qualified and registered to provide EPCs (including as CIBSE Low Carbon Energy Assessors (LCEA) for non-domestic Energy Performance Certificates).

UK Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

Low Carbon Energy Assessors
Dynamic Simulation Modelling
Dynamic simulation modelling for analysis
SAP Calculations by U-value competent persons

SAP Calculations

Evolusion clients can rest assured that all of our SAP calculations are backed by our Check-the-Checker quality control methodologies and certified by Stroma

Building Energy Rating (BER)

With our extensive experience of the Irish building industry, and our in-depth knowledge of the Building Regulations, particularly Part L and TGD L, we can help you achieve the best rating possible for your building. We provide our BER services in both the residential and commercial sectors, and are registered with SEAI to carry out your BER assessments.

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