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Structural Engineering

Our structural engineers are highly qualified and very experienced, and are among the foremost international experts in Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), also widely known as Offsite Construction. Evolusion Innovation has been instrumental in the product development, testing, design and execution of 2D panellised and 3D volumetric/modular structural building systems, and we have been centrally involved in offsite projects with a total value exceeding €2.5 billion to date. Examples include high-rise modular student accommodation buildings, multi-block mixed use panellised Light Gauge Steel (LGS) framed  developments, multi-storey offsite buildings incorporating concrete floor slabs, and multi-unit low rise residential developments.

Structural Engineering Design Services specialising in Offsite Construction

The engineers working at Evolusion Innovation are highly experienced structural designers, particularly in the field of Offsite construction, which is now seen as the leading category of building methodology available to address shortfalls in completions. Evolusion are Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Offsite design experts, for which we are certified by NHBC.

Evolusion has been instrumental in the product development, testing and execution of modular structural building systems, and played a key role in the design of the largest structural modular building in the world, which rose to a height of 25 storeys. This project won a gold award (best of the best) at the 2009 off-site awards in UK.

Offsite construction incorporating pre-formed light gauge steel panels manufactured under strictly controlled factory conditions provides high-quality and thermally efficient structures. Evolusion have an established and admired track record in devising innovative structural design solutions in this field of engineering.

Construction Worker

Our engineers have significant experience and expertise in the provision of Assigned Certifier services to assist clients to comply with the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 whereby builders must engage suitably qualified personnel to provide third-party certification of compliance with Building Regulations.

BIM is an intelligent digital 3D modelling process which fosters improved planning, design and construction, and is particularly beneficial in offsite construction.

The BIM software we use enables our engineers to collaborate more efficiently and cost-effectively with other  professionals throughout the design and build process.

Structural Engineering Video
Residential LGS Structures during Construction
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