MMC/Offsite Construction

Evolusion are the leading experts in all areas related to Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), also known as Offsite Construction, including 2D panellised and 3D modular or volumetric systems. We have been deeply involved in the development, growth and promotion of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), and we can provide customers with the best, value-added and cost-effective consultancy, development and design services using modern digital design techniques such as Building Information Modelling (BIM).

MMC/Offsite Construction

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) or Offsite Construction includes a multitude of subsets each of which has in common a degree of manufacture and assembly of building components, elements and/or modules in a factory setting for transportation to the construction site. The complete process can include planning, design, manufacturing, prefabrication, transportation, and assembly.

MMC Definition Framework

MMC/Offsite Construction

  • Speed of construction

  • Better performance

  • Improved quality control

  • Compliance with Building Regulations

  • Enhanced energy efficiency

  • Value for money

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Waste limitation


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