Building Products and Systems Development

If you have a construction product or a building system that you want to bring to the market place we can help you.

We have the specialised skills to either help you develop construction products or systems from an initial concept, or to take an existing construction product and enhance it to meet the ever-changing market demands and regulatory requirements. We can advise you of the development steps required to bring your construction product to the market, keeping you ahead of your competitors. We are experts in third-party certification and CE Marking, both from the perspective of the manufacturer or developer, and from the perspective of the assessment bodies, as we have both successfully project managed applications for certification and been engaged by notified bodies to assess applications, and we have extensive experience and expertise in the project management of construction product testing.

Third-party certification

Our management team and expert engineers have extensive experience in the development  and independent third-party certification of innovative construction products and building systems. We have achieved certification for a range of products and systems, with bodies including NSAI Agrément, BBA, SCI & BRE.

Patent your product

Product, material and system testing is a critical component in certification processes, and for ensuring viability for market success, and we are expert in the project management of testing for appropriate fire resistance, impact resistance, weather tightness, air tightness, acoustics etc.

CE Marking services

The Construction Products Regulation mandates the compulsory CE marking of all construction products in the EU. We can assist you in drafting Declarations of Performance, developing Factory Production Control procedures, and obtaining a CE mark for your product to enable you to market it throughout the EU.

Grant and funding applications

You may be eligible for grant or funding assistance, or for research and development relief. There are several grant schemes in place that we can explore on your behalf, and assist you with developing a comprehensive five year business plan and in making the necessary applications.

Patent your product

Patenting is a complex and laborious process. We can assist you in the process of acquiring patents and protecting your Intellectual Property. As part of this service we offer support in the identification, presentation and cataloguing of your IP in order that its full worth can be established and realised.