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Building Physics

Evolusion have considerable experience in designing buildings to ensure that the building meets its brief, is comfortable to its occupants, is safe, meets all aspects of the building regulations and is an energy efficient, sustainable building. We have experts in Thermal Insulation, Hygrothermal Evaluation, Acoustics, Airtightness, Fire Resistance and Energy Efficiency who are available to collaborate to ensure either a new build or refurbishment project can be a successful one.

Evolusion also offer Infrared Thermography, which is a very useful tool for building energy surveys and post construction diagnostic surveys. Expert advice on how to achieve an airtight building and certified blower door airtightness testing is also part of the Evolusion service.

Our Philosophy
“Understanding and designing with Building Physics in mind is the key element in producing a building fit for purpose."

An effective energy and carbon management programme is a prerequisite for cost effective energy use within any organisation. Critical elements of building design to ensure maximum efficiencies and energy performance include thermal modelling, condensation risk and U-value calculations. Evolusion can provide these services to clients who can be reassured that we have been subject to rigorous independent assessment processes by bodies such as NSAI and BBA.


CE Marking Construction Products
Fire Resistance and Acoustics Testing

Evolusion have considerable experience in undertaking research and development projects on walls and floors of residential panellised and modular building, including fire testing to establish fire resistance characteristics. We have a proven track record in designing and specifying for fire resistance, having commissioned > 50 structural fire tests from indicative to load-bearing to full BS8414 testing.

Sound insulation is an important factor in modern-day living. A quiet environment is very desirable. We can help design for maximum decibel reduction, and test to establish compliance with design and codes.


Evolusion are fully qualified and certified BREEAM design and assessment practitioners, with a certified Accredited Professional on the team.


Evolusion also have a fully qualified Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) Assessor who can give your business advice on how to achieve the required code level, in the most economical manner and with minimal impact on your business.

CE Marking Construction Products

Air Tightness and Thermography

Air Tightness is a critical factor in building design and construction. We can provide consultancy services, and we can carry out air tightness testing for you. And using thermographic imaging we can identify areas where heat loss is occurring.

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