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Building Regulations Training Course

Code of Practice
Inspecting and Certifying Buildings and Works

The purpose of the Code of Practice is to provide guidance with respect to inspecting and certifying works or a building for compliance with the requirements of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations.


Where works or a building to which the Building Control Regulations apply are inspected and certified in accordance with the guidance contained in the Code of Practice, this is taken to indicate compliance with the relevant requirements of the Building Control Regulations.


Building Control Regulations provide for matters of procedure, administration and control for the purposes of securing the implementation of the requirements of the Building Regulations and of demonstrating how compliance with such requirements has been achieved in relation to the building or works concerned.The Code of Practice gives practical guidance on relevant statutory provisions for persons who undertake the role of Assigned Certifier as provided for in the Building Control Regulations and who are tasked with preparing an inspection plan to be implemented by themselves and others during construction in order that they are in a position to sign the Certificate of Compliance on Completion as Assigned Certifier.The code sets out standards and procedures that should be adhered to by:

• Building owners

• Designers

• Builders

• Certifiers

• Building Control Authorities

• Building materials and component manufacturers.

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