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Lean Consulting

Evolusion Innovation are Enterprise Ireland approved Lean Consultant​s


Lean manufacturing, lean enterprise, or lean production, often simply, "Lean," is a production practice that considers the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful, and thus a target for elimination. Working from the perspective of the customer who consumes a product or service, "value" is defined as any action or process that a customer would be willing to pay for.
Essentially, lean is centered on preserving value with less work. Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy derived mostly from the Toyota Production System (TPS) (hence the term Toyotism is also prevalent) and identified as "Lean" only in the 1990s. TPS is renowned for its focus on reduction of the original Toyota seven wastes to improve overall customer value, but there are varying perspectives on how this is best achieved. The steady growth of Toyota, from a small company to the world's largest automaker, has focused attention on how it has achieved this success.
Lean manufacturing is a variation on the theme of efficiency based on optimizing flow; it is a present-day instance of the recurring theme in human history toward increasing efficiency, decreasing waste, and using empirical methods to decide what matters, rather than uncritically accepting pre-existing ideas.

Enterprise Ireland Lean Business Offer

Enterprise Ireland’s Lean Business Offer is designed to encourage clients to adopt Lean business principles in their organisation to increase performance and competitiveness.
Lean tools and techniques are helping companies across the globe to address competitiveness issues within their businesses by building the capability of their people to identify problems and improve operations.

The Lean business offer is not just for manufacturing companies. Software and internationally traded services companies can avail of funding under the Lean Offer to drive improvements and efficiencies in their business. 
The Lean Business Offer is made up of three levels of support:

  • LeanStart
  • LeanPlus
  • LeanTransform

Each level of support is characterised by increasing levels of capability in implementing Lean business principles and other best practice approaches to drive company awareness, adoption and integration of Lean tools and techniques.

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CE Marking Construction Products
CE Marking Construction Products
Lean Start

LeanStart provides an introduction to Lean concepts and allows you to gain an understanding of what the tools and techniques can do for you and your company in a short, focused engagement.  The initiative is designed for companies that are unfamiliar with and lacking capability in business process improvement methodologies such as Lean and/or other best practice methods specific to particular business sectors.

Lean Start is not just for manufacturing companies!  Software and internationally traded services companies can avail of funding to learn about and implement improvements to their business.  Click here to learn how the Lean Business Offer can assist software companies.
Companies can apply for grant support towards the cost of hiring a Lean consultant/trainer to undertake a short in-company assignment which will
introduce Lean principles and Agile processes,
achieve immediate cost reduction targets, and
lay a foundation for future Lean or productivity improvement projects.
Assignments will typically be carried out over 8 to 10 weeks.  Companies will be eligible to receive support for a maximum of 7 consultancy days to a limit of €5,000.

Lean Plus

Companies looking to undertake a Lean project over a medium-term period can apply to Enterprise Ireland for a Business Process Improvement Grant to support the costs of the LeanPlus Assignment. A LeanPlus assignment is a medium-term business process improvement project which will result in sustained use of Lean techniques and related methodologies by the company, and will achieve significant measurable gains in capabilities and competitiveness.  The LeanPlus assignment should;
deliver significant productivity improvement and cost reductions,
embed a culture of business improvement and lean techniques to a cohort of trained staff, and
introduce a programme to pursue company-wide improvement.
Assignments may vary in size and scope but will typically be completed within six months and will not exceed a total project cost of €70,000. 

Lean Transform

LeanTransform is a large scale, extensive and holistic company transformation programme delivered by an external consultancy team of international reputation. Lean Transform projects should:
deliver company-wide transformation in culture and productivity performance,
embed the competencies necessary for on-going competitiveness gains in the company, and
result in sustainable improvement in the business and across its supply chain.
The LeanTransform initiative is primarily designed for larger companies with significant operations who can demonstrate to Enterprise Ireland that they have existing capability and resources to implement a programme of this scale.
Assignments will typically run for at least one year. The assignment is preceded by a scoping exercise.

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