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Renewable Energy Technologies

There are now a number of viable renewable energy technologies available, and Evolusion Innovation can help you identify the most appropriate of those technologies for your circumstances. Whether you are aiming to cater for all of your energy needs through renewable generation, or want to satisfy the minimum regulatory requirements, we have the personnel who can find the best and most cost-effective answers for you.

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Solar Energy

There are a variety of solar energy technologies in the market place at present and it is vitally important that the technology that best meets your individual requirements is identified. The system must be appropriate to your needs, and must also be properly certified in terms of fitness for use. We can help you identify and accurately specify that system.

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Wood Energy

Wood can provide renewable energy in a number of different ways. In natural form there are wood wastes, forest residues and energy crops. Perhaps more common are the processed wood fuels such as wood pellets and wood chips, which can deliver greater efficiencies in a more user friendly way. Whatever wood energy technology is being considered, Evolusion can provide you with the best advice.

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Heat Pumps

Whether it be ground source heat pumps or air to water heat pumps, there are options that can in certain circumstances provide a significant proportion of your energy needs.

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Wind Energy

Wind energy is a clean and viable alternative energy source to fossil fuel energy. Significant advances have been made in wind technology, and we at Evolusion are well placed to advise you in regard to your wind energy potential and requirements.

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