Roadstone Thermal Liteblock


Roadstone have recently launched a new innovative thermally efficient block called the Roadstone Thermal Liteblock. The block is manufactured in Ireland, achieving thermal conductivity (Lambda λ) values of 0.33W/mK using a special mix which includes light weight aggregates. This mix produces a concrete block with excellent insulation properties, while maintaining structural strength and allowing for traditional construction methods to be used.


Energy efficient design begins with a Fabric First Approach, whereby the buildings shape, orientation and thermal mass, with proper detailing, will save energy. This ensures that the majority of the energy saving work is done by the building by having a high performance fabric rather than relying completely on the addition of mechanical renewable energy systems. The Roadstone Thermal Liteblock plays a key role in achieving good thermal efficiency in the building fabric by providing a highly cost-effective solution to achieve improved thermal bridging performance. This reduction in thermal bridging allows designers more flexibility when generating a Part L compliant specification.



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Evolusion's Role


Evolusion Innovation are providing Roadstone with specialist consulting services through the development and promotion of the new block. Our expert thermal modellers have thermally modelled each critical junction detail as per the Acceptable Construction Details (ACDs) as listed in TGD L 2011 appendix D1, D2, D4 and D6 and have calculated the psi value for each junction. We are assisting Roadstone in providing a validated (y) factor calculation for customers when using the Roadstone Thermal Liteblock system, with (y) factors as low as 0.03 possible. The benefits of these low (y) factors will be evident in the improved DEAP results and the higher BER achieved. By using the Roadstone Thermal Liteblock System you can comfortably comply with TGD Part L 2011 thermal bridging requirements.

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