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Environment and Sustainability

Regulatory requirements relating to sustainability, energy efficiency, and the environment are in a seemingly continuous process of change in most countries due to the effects and potential implications of climate change. Evolusion Innovation have the technical staff with experience and expertise in these fields to ensure that we can offer you a best-practice and cost-effective service.

Contact us if you wish to avail of any of these services.

CE Marking Construction Products
CE Marking Construction Products
CE Marking Construction Products
BREEAM - Code for a Sustainable Built Environment

Evolusion are fully qualified and certified BREEAM design and assessment practitioners, with a certified Accredited Professional on the team.


Evolusion also have a fully qualified Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) Assessor who can give your business advice on how to achieve the required code level, in the most economical manner and with minimal impact on your business.

  • We can tailor our level of advice and work to suit  our requirements.

  • Evolusion can also undertake BRE Green Guide Ratings on your products or systems to enable you to claim the highest ratings possible and give advice on what types of products used with your system will be the most advantageous in the CSH.

Our Philosophy

“Is that we know the smartest and most efficient ways to achieve your desired code rating.”

Renewable Energy Technologies

The main sources of renewable energy are:

  • the sun (solar energy)
  • the wind
  • moving water (hydropower, wave and tidal energy)
  • heat below the surface of the earth (geothermal energy)
  • biomass (wood, waste, energy crops)

Energy Efficiency Services

The drive across European countries is towards compliance with myriad EU directives, and consequently compliance with energy conservation and efficiency regulations is becoming more difficult with each iteration of the regulations. Countries including Ireland have also introduced energy ratings of buildings which adds to the complexity. Evolusion has a team dedicated to providing best practice and cost - effective services to satisfy your requirements.

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