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Third Party Certification

Evolusion has extensive experience in independent third party certification of innovative construction products and building systems. Evolusion has achieved certification with NSAI Agrément, BBA, SCI and BRE.

The experience of Evolusion can reduce the costs of third party certification and simplify this necessary but onerous process, through our fundamental understanding of the overall assessment process of the product. This will result in significant savings in time and money and ultimately bring your product to market sooner.

Evolusion can take construction products or building systems through the full process of third party certification in Ireland or the UK and can advise on the best third party certification to suit your business needs.

During assessment Evolusion will supervise all testing of the construction products required to be carried out by accredited test laboratories in the UK. Evolusion can also utilise our extensive team of Building Physics experts to cover all aspects of the assessment process in-house.

Evolusion will effectively Project Manage the whole certification process from start to completion.
Evolusion can also undertake revisions or updates of existing certificates.


CE Marking

​With the enacting of the Construction Products Regulations, CE Marking of construction products has become mandatory. Evolusion Innovation now offer consultancy services in CE Marking of construction products and the associated required documentation (such as Declarations of Performance) and Factory Production Control requirements. We can also produce CE Markings for your construction products.

CE Marking Construction Products
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