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Auditing and Inspection Services

Evolusion technical staff members have extensive experience in both management of construction inspection services and hands-on inspections. Our staff members have managed countrywide inspection services for HomeBond and the Department of Environment, and are uniquely cognisant of the building environment in Ireland. Evolusion can assist in improving risk management by introducing enhanced quality control measures. We can provide on-site monitoring and assessment, and audit office procedures and documentation to compare with best practice, and explore methodologies and processes which could be introduced to achieve cost-effective change without compromise.   Our knowledge of Building Regulations and Legislation, and other statutory requirements, ensures we can provide the best auditing and inspection services.

We currently provide countrywide on-site and office based auditing and reporting services to NSAI with regard to their ETICS and CWI Approved Installer schemes

We can investigate and assess defects, and provide detailed reports specifying underlying cause and recommending remedial action.

We can also provide inspection services where compliance with Building Control Regulations and S.I. 9 is required. Our inspection engineers are fully qualified Assigned Certifiers and can provide the full suite of services necessary to comply with the Code of Practice for Inspecting and Certifying Buildings and Works. Contact us with details of your project so that an appropriate Inspection Plan can be discussed. 

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