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Building Products/Systems Development​, CE Marking

Evolusion have the specialised skills and experience to either help you develop construction products or systems from an initial concept or take an existing construction product and enhance it to meet the ever changing market demands and building regulation requirements.
We can advise you of the development steps required to bring your construction product to the forefront of the market, keeping you ahead of your competitors, using the principles of the stage-gate process. We are also experts in third party certification, both from the perspective of the manufacturer or developer seeking certification, and from the perspective of the assessment body, as we have both successfully project managed applications for certification and been engaged by notified bodies to assess applications. We also prepare CE Markings for construction products, and as CE Marking is now mandatory for construction products, it is a service being availed of by many of our clients.

We will project manage your entire construction product development process and utilise our experienced team of building professionals in order to drive your product to the forefront of the market. We can if required also procure certiication and provide CE Marking.

Our philosophy
“Is that every system and product we develop must be of sufficient quality, commercially viable and have a sustainable shelf life to meet ever changing regulations.”

Evolusion has extensive experience in independent third party certification of innovative construction products building systems. Evolusion has achieved certification with NSAI Agrément, BBA, SCI & BRE.

You may be eligible for grant assistance. There are a number of grant schemes in place that we can explore on your behalf, and make the necessary applications.

The Construction Products Regulation mandates the compulsory CE marking of construction products in the EU from July 2013. We can assist you in obtaining a CE mark for your product to enable you to market it throughout the EU.

Protecting your investment includes protecting your intellectual property and patenting your output. We can make the preparations and applications in this complex process for you.

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