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Evolusion Innovation staff members have extensive experience in the area of Quality Management Service provision in accordance with CE Marking, ISO 9001, BOPAS, SCI and Agrément standards. Our engineers are experts in their fields and are members of five certification body auditing panels for the assessment of construction products. Our staff members have managed countrywide inspection services, and are uniquely cognisant of the building environment in Ireland. Evolusion can assist in improving risk management by introducing enhanced quality control measures. We can provide on-site monitoring and assessment, and can audit office procedures and documentation to compare with best practice, and explore methodologies and processes which could be introduced to achieve cost-effective change without compromise. Our knowledge of Building Regulations and Legislation, and other statutory requirements, ensures we can provide the best quality engineering, auditing, and inspection services.

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Our technical staff have extensive experience in both management of construction inspection services and hands-on inspections. We have managed countrywide inspection services, and are uniquely cognisant of the building environment in Ireland. Our in-depth knowledge of Building Regulations and Legislation ensures we can provide the best auditing and inspection services.

Building Regulations

Our chartered engineers  can provide Assigned Certifier services to ensure builders comply with the requirements of the Building Control (Amendment) Act 2014 (BCAR). We can also provide other Building Regulations services, including interpretations of TGD guidance, advice on technical details, and reviews of and reports on DOE drafts of  consultation documents.

Site Resolution Management

The Construction Products Regulation mandates the compulsory CE marking of all construction products in the EU. With our in-depth knowledge of construction products and the relevant harmonised standards (hENs), we can assist you in drafting Declarations of Performance, developing Factory Production Control procedures, and obtaining a CE mark for your product to enable you to market it throughout the EU.

Site Resolution Management

Our in-depth knowledge of both the technical and regulatory aspects of construction ideally positions us to develop  your publications.

We have designed and composed technical manuals. certificates, product and system brochures, technical newsletters, declarations of performance, factory production control documents and more for a range of customers.

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