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Light Steel Frame Association (LSFA) publish Specification & Engineering Guide

The Light Steel Frame Association (LSFA) was established to influence relevant legislation and regulations and to support the overall objectives and growth of the sector and it has quickly helped raise the profile of light steel framing by highlighting the inherent performance advantages and productivity benefits of steel framing systems.

The association and its members recognised that there was an absence of a modern and relatable guide to the use of light steel frame. To address this the association set up a working group comprised of some of its members including Evolusion Innovation, EOS, DACS, Fusion Building Systems, Sigmat, Siderise, Ayrshire Metals Cogent Consulting and SCI, to develop a Specification and Engineering Guide to help architects, engineers and other industry professionals better understand what light steel framing can achieve, and how to use light steel framing to full advantage.

Buildings incorporating a light steel frame structure have distinct design benefits. Key to realising these potential benefits is early engagement with the manufacturer and design professionals. Early collaboration between all different stakeholders will have a dramatic effect on the whole construction process and enable significant savings in both time and costs. Importantly, the guide also stresses the sustainability of light steel frame, which is sometimes not clearly expressed.

The Specification & Engineering Guide includes sections covering:

  • Design opportunities

  • Benefits of light steel frame construction

  • Performance in Construction

  • Performance in Use

  • Sustainability and LSF

  • Infill and oversail systems

  • Load-bearing systems

  • Walling

  • Flooring

  • Roofs

  • Interfaces

  • Other LSF Elements

  • Elements used in conjunction with LSF

  • Components for Modular Construction

  • Hybrid Construction

  • Innovative Offsite Housing Systems

The ongoing and welcome drive to improve the overall quality of buildings through more stringent Building Regulation requirements and higher standards (particularly with regard to fire resistance and energy performance) is resulting in a demand for higher quality systems, and it is clear that this is also driving the ever-growing demand for Modern Methods of Construction and Offsite Construction solutions. Panellised and modular/volumetric systems are experiencing massive growth in use, and with manufacturers becoming increasingly more innovative, this demand will continue to grow, and is likely to be further driven by the need for building methods that can provide improved solutions to the need for social distancing.

This publication is an excellent guide and is recommended to all involved in the construction industry. The Specification & Engineering Guide is available to download via the LSFA library on their website.

Evolusion Innovation is the leading MMC / Offsite Construction engineering consultancy and provides a range of specialist services to the industry. The experience and expertise (backed by numerous third-party accreditations) of the teams in all our departments (Structural Engineering, Building Physics (includes a Sustainability team), Product Development, Quality Engineering and Auditing) ensure premium and optimal cost-effective services. We have been involved in projects with a total value of over €2.5 billion to date, and using the valuable experienced gained, we can help you avoid the common pitfalls in the approach to offsite construction/MMC developments.

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