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New Irish MMC Representative Body

Ireland has generally been ahead of the rest in terms of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), also known as Offsite Construction. The timber frame industry has been active and well-established for decades, and has been consistently improving product offerings while continuously engaging with regulatory bodies to ensure quality and standards remain high. Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF) has also been on the scene in Ireland for many decades, and the LGSF industry has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, with numerous new high-quality and fully certified building systems becoming available for use. Indeed we at Evolusion have been instrumental in the development of many of these systems through the years. And now 3D modular systems are also starting to thrive, and will become a go-to solution for many market sectors in the coming years. MMC also includes pre-manufacturing components and assemblies, additive manufacturing and all others as defined in the MMC Definition Framework.

It is now generally acknowledged that MMC will have a critical and substantial role to play in the future of construction in Ireland and throughout the world. Indeed many Governments worldwide, including the Irish Government, have committed to promoting the use of MMC to enable more efficient and sustainable design and construction. MMC will be critical in delivering the goals of the ambitious National Development Plan and the National Planning Framework.

Evolusion, in conjunction with C+W O'Brien Architects, therefore contend that it will be very beneficial for all industry stakeholders if a robust MMC representative body is developed in Ireland, an entity which could credibly and forcefully represent all facets of the industry where and when it matters.

This is why MMC Ireland has been established, and this representative body aims to develop and promote Ireland's MMC sector, nationally and internationally.

To accomplish these aims it is clear, for example, that greater knowledge, understanding and awareness of MMC is required, not just throughout the industry but also in the general population. Building this understanding is one of the key objectives of MMC Ireland.

Other primary objectives include:

  • Addressing current regulatory deficiencies - Technical Guidance Documents in Ireland and other jurisdictions do not adequately cover MMC methods or systems - guidance within these documents is typically focused on more traditional building methods.

  • Examining methods by which access to MMC markets can be more quickly expanded - a representative body can have more success in getting agencies and funding bodies to engage.

  • Exploring avenues where advocating for the industry would be most advantageous.

By getting all MMC stakeholders acting together, it will be easier to address some of the vital issues that need attention, and all those involved in the MMC industry are invited to join this initiative. The more bodies on board the more effective the organisation will be, and interested parties can sign up via the MMC Ireland website - click on the image below. #MMC #Offsiteconstruction #MMCIre

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