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‘Modern methods of construction: who’s doing what?’

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Latest UK Report.

Cast Consultancy Offsite Report image
Image courtesy of Cast Consultancy/NHBC

Mark Farmer’s 2016 review of the UK construction labour market starkly concluded that the sector must 'modernise or die'. One of the key takeaway points of that review was the need for immediate and widespread adoption of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) across the entire industry, not as an option, but as an imperative.

The authors of that report (Cast Consultancy), together with the National House Building Council, or NHBC Foundation, this week published a research paper on the latest MMC use in UK homebuilding. This new report entitled ‘Modern methods of construction: who’s doing what?’ starts by confirming that the industry is, in fact, responding to the challenge to modernise set down two years ago.

While the 2016 review was received as a collective shock to the system, reading through the many case studies included this latest report, there certainly appears to be a growing acceptance of the need for change and a growing understanding about how to do this. Unsurprisingly, the actual execution of this by many is still at very early stages. This was never going to be an overnight change; a monumental cultural shift was/is needed and there has undoubtedly been solid progress in this direction already. For example, the report specifies that:

Any attempt to increase total home/ house-building output without improving processes and productivity will result in the predictability of delivery outcomes deteriorating further, reputational damage associated with poor build quality and increased risk of financial failure”.

This is unequivocal.

In addition to the case studies featured, the report includes results of a wider survey that found 30% of companies surveyed are already investing in their own manufacturing facility (9% had plans to do so). Also, a significant 62% are allocating funds for R&D in this area to enhance their technologies further.

Some of the key findings are as follows:

Leading property developers are investing heavily in MMC with further plans to increase this spend and focus.There has been an increase in the average ‘premanufactured value’ of projects featured.The reduction in site labour and overheads is being driven by a combination of technologies and methodologies, from component standardisation right through to volumetric modular solutions.

The least surprising finding in this report, for us, is that the adoption of MMC is being driven by the overarching need for greater predictability across projects. Without question, accelerated speed of delivery while ensuring compliance with building standards and achievement of even higher standards of quality are important goals. However, this report clearly identifies

a common desire for improved predictability in terms of cost, time and quality”.

This certainty of project was the earliest - and remains the most compelling - force driving innovation amongst Evolusion Innovation clients in Ireland, the UK and across Europe.

Click here to access the full report:

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