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A lot has happened since Evolusion Innovation was established back in 2010.

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Vishaka Reddy, a key member of our Building Physics/Sustainability team, became a registered BREEAM UK New Construction Competent Person

Mar 2020

To further enhance our expert building energy analysis and sustainability services, Vishaka Reddy (Evolusion Innovation Building Physics team member and a Sustainability Engineer), having attended the relevant courses and passing the examination, qualified to be registered as a BREEAM International New Construction Competent Person. Vishaka, a key member of our Sustainability team, has significant and consistently successful experience in managing projects to ensure high BREEAM ratings are achieved for our clients, and this new qualification will enable Evolusion to expand our BREEAM and LEED services.

Evolusion Innovation CEO Declan Wallace delivered a presentation on new MMC products (and testing and certification thereof) at a CitA Digital Transformation Series event

Feb 2020

Declan Wallace delivered a very important and informative presentation on "New Modern Methods of Construction products coming to the Irish Market in 2020 and the importance of proper testing and certification”. This event, one of the CitA (Construction IT Alliance) Digital Transformation Series, was very well attended, and Declan's talk was very well received. Highlighting the critical necessity for proper testing and appropriate third-party certification is very important for those aiming to utilise MMC/Offsite Construction systems.

Tide Construction/Vision Modular Systems installs final module in 44-storey Croydon tower

Nov 2019

A mere 35 weeks after the first module was installed, developer Tide Construction craned into place the last of 1,526 modules assembled on site in Croydon in the construction of two high-rise towers, one reaching 38-storeys and the other 44-storeys, thus becoming the world's tallest modular buildings. This accomplishment is a great example of what can be achieved with, and the many advantages of, MMC/Offsite Modular Construction. Evolusion has been privileged being involved as part of the design team responsible for the building energy strategy, including the dynamic and thermal modelling, and the SAP, SBEM and BREEAM compliance, and will be contributing to the post-completion acoustic and air permeability testing associated with demonstrating compliance with UK Building Regulations.

Ahmet Turkoglu promoted to Engineering Services Manager UK

Oct 2019

Having opened our new office in Birmingham we needed to find a top class structural engineer to manage, develop and build our UK-based structural engineering design team to help improve and expand our services to our existing UK clients and to attract new clients. Ahmet, who has been a major contributor to our success while working with our design team in our Cork office, was offered the role and we were delighted when he accepted the challenge. This appointment is key to the ongoing growth of Evolusion Innovation as a leading MMC/Offsite Construction consultancy and to our continuing expansion in the UK market.

Andrew Dunne promoted to Building Physics Manager

Sept 2019

Andrew Dunne was promoted to Building Physics Manager. Andrew, a highly qualified expert in fields such as building energy efficiency, dynamic and thermal modelling, passive design etc, has been a major factor in the success of our company to date, and in his new role will ensure that our Building Physics Department continues to provide clients with innovative and cost-effective solutions in services such as Building Energy Analysis, Dynamic Simulation Modelling, NSAI certified Thermal Modelling, BBA Accredited U-value and Condensation Risk Calculations, DEAP, NEAP and SAP Analysis, BER Assessments, and sustainability services such as BREEAM and LEED, while simultaneously broadening and consolidating our client base and range of expert services .”

Evolusion Innovation become Supply Chain Members of the Light Steel Frame Association (LSFA)

Aug 19

To assist in promoting the light steel framing industry and to further build our network, Evolusion became Supply Chain Members of the Light Steel Frame Association (LSFA). The LSFA was established to influence legislation and regulations and to support the overall objectives and growth of the steel framing sector. By promoting the industry through marketing and PR activities, the aim is to raise the profile of members whilst advocating the use of steel frame technologies.

Cian O'Mahony promoted to become our new Engineering Services Manager

Jul 2019

Cian O’Mahony is promoted to become our new Engineering Services Manager in our Structural Engineering Department. Cian, who recently achieved Chartership status, has been a major influence in the success of our company to date, and in his new role will help drive the engineering department to further heights, particularly in the areas of panellised and modular offsite construction/MMC.

Ludwika Balinska, our Sustainability Team Leader, achieved BREEAM International New Construction Competent Person status

May 2019

Having provided expert BREEAM services to UK clients in recent years, achieving consistently high ratings for our clients' projects, Ludwika successfully passing the BREEAM International New Construction Competent Persons Examination Evolusion put Evolusion in the position to offer BREEAM assessment services internationally, including in Ireland. Our BREEAM and LEED experts can help you achieve high sustainability standards for your projects.

A strong statement made about the future - Evolusion opened first office in the UK

Apr 2019

To further improve our service provision to UK clients, and to consolidate and build on our market share in the UK, particularly in Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) or Offsite Construction, Evolusion researched and explored options for locating an office in the UK. After extensive deliberations, Birmingham was selected as the optimum location for opening a design office, and our first structural engineers started working there in April 2019. This office, in the centre of Birmingham and close to New Street Station, will be staffed by a full team of consulting and design engineers.

Further recognition from NHBC of our LGS structural design expertise achieved by Cian O'Mahony

Mar 2019

Cian, one of our Structural Engineering experts, specialising in the design of Light Gauge Steel frame and Volumetric Systems in the domestic and international markets, successfully applied to NHBC and was awarded registration as a Light Steel Frame Certifier. This was another example of our commitment to providing the highest levels of expertise to our structural engineering design clients.

Cian O'Mahony, Evolusion Senior Structural Engineer, attains Chartered Engineer status

Feb 2019

Cian, a key member of the Evolusion Structural Engineering management team, achieved the badge of excellence in his profession as he became an Engineers Ireland Chartered Engineer. This conferred further status on our Engineering team, and gave our clients more assurance that we are committed to providing excellent expert services.

Evolusion announce the appointment of Patrick Coughlan in the critically important role of Operations Manager

Jan 2019

As part of Evolusion's commitment to improving the efficiency of internal operations and consequently service delivery to clients, it became clear that it was necessary to augment the management team by bringing on board an experienced person who would contribute to significant and measurable improvements in company productivity and who could ensure output would continue to meet defined market requirements. After a challenging recruitment process, we were delighted that Patrick Coughlan, a highly qualified and very experienced construction industry expert, agreed to join Evolusion as Operations Manager.

Evolusion expansion continued at pace throughout 2018

Dec 2018

At the end of 2017 staff numbers had reached 25. As recognition of the quality of our expertise and service continued to spread during 2018, and as we became known as leading experts in offsite construction consultancy technologies, demand for our services grew commensurately. To cater for the growth in demand, our team of experts had continued to expand and as of the end of 2018, staff numbers had reached 35.

James Young promoted to Director of Engineering Services

Nov 2018

In a significant strategic move, James Young was promoted from Engineering Services Manager to become Director of Engineering Services. James was instrumental in growing the structural engineering portfolio of services, instigating BIM training and development, and building a top class structural design team with unrivalled innovative problem-solving skills in MMC/Offsite panellised and modular construction, while simultaneously achieving impressive increases in sales and procuring new tier one developer clients.

Ashok Dhayal, Evolusion Building Physics Engineer, follows up on becoming a Low Carbon Consultant Design Specialist by qualifying as a Low Carbon Energy Assessor

Sept 2018

Ashok followed up on his recent achievement in becoming a Low Carbon Consultant Design Specialist by attaining approval from CIBSE Certification Ltd as a fully certified Low Carbon Energy Assessor (LCEA) for the production of Level 5 Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in England, Wales and N Ireland. This, significantly, enabled Evolusion to further expand our suite of building energy analysis and certification services, and, specifically, enabled the Building Physics Department to produce non-domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for our clients.

Ludwika Balinska, our Sustainability Team Leader, attains the designation of LEED AP® Building Design + Construction

Aug 2018

Our commitment to the continuous improvement of services to our clients was further demonstrated by Ludwika adding to our overall levels of expertise, and enhancing our sustainability services to clients, by attaining LEED AP® Building Design + Construction by demonstrating the knowledge and understanding of green building practices and principles needed to support the use of the LEED green building program. This has enabled Evolusion to offer LEED assessments to our clients, which is particularly beneficial to those outside the UK.

Ashok Dhayal, Evolusion Building Physics Engineer, becomes a qualified Low Carbon Consultant Design Specialist

Jul 2018

Evolusion continue to develop on our commitment to provide our clients with expert services as Ashok Dhayal, a key member of our Building Physics team, becomes a CIBSE qualified Low Carbon Consultant Design Specialist, enabling Evolusion to

  • Confirm Part L2A (UK) compliance against all 5 compliance criteria

  • Advise on energy efficiency and conservation.

  • Advise on and design low carbon and renewable technologies.

  • Use passive design technologies to make the best use of shade and natural ventilation.

  • Deliver the information needed to manage the building effectively and ensure that it continues to perform to its design intent after handover

Evolusion invited to take a seat on the Concrete Standards Consultative Committee

Apr 2018

James Duane, Evolusion's Quality and Auditing Department manager, having demonstrated his expertise and experience in the field while auditing concrete and aggregate companies, has been invited to join the Irish national Concrete Standards Consultative Committee. James has accepted the invitation and will attend committee meetings to provide his expert advice.

It was becoming increasingly evident to Evolusion that the conversation in Ireland about adequately supplying the clear demand for greater output of residential developments was limited. The NEWS and VIEWS section was launched as part of an attempt to get involved in and perhaps influence that conversation, providing a platform for Evolusion and others to comment. In particular, it was hoped that we could help enable a better understanding of the potential of offsite construction to provide a solution to the housing crisis.

The Evolusion team of industry experts continues to grow

Dec 2017

As business continues to thrive, with existing clients trusting us with more work and bigger projects, and as our list of clients becomes ever longer, we have needed to engage more structural, quality, building physics and product development engineers, and more support staff. As of the end of 2017, staff numbers had reached 25, with some positions still to be filled.

Sept 2017

A large audience of construction professionals and industry stakeholders attended a Manley Construction Breakfast Briefing for the presentations. Declan briefly summarised recent revisions to Building Regulations and then outlined the upcoming requirements in relation to Near-Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB), while James described the requirements of Part D relating to "proper materials" and explained BCAR Ancillary Certification, with specific reference to recently published Practice Notes.

Sept 2017

The 29-storey Apex Tower was built in Bedford by Tide Construction in conjunction with Vision Modular Systems. It took a mere 13 weeks to assemble the 679 modules, clearly demonstrating the significant advantages of offsite construction. Using traditional methods of construction, it is estimated that a building of this size and height in similar surroundings would have taken a minimum of 106 weeks to complete.

Andrew Dunne, Evolusion Building Physics Engineer, becomes a Certified Passive House Designer

Aug, 2017

Andrew successfully passed the Passive House Institute’s Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant final examination to be awarded the designation, and through Andrew Evolusion can offer enhanced expertise in Passive House Design and related energy efficiency design fields.

Evolusion granted full membership of Buildoffsite

Jun, 2017

Evolusion are delighted to be accepted as members of Buildoffsite, the primary member's organisation promoting the increased use of offsite construction across all market sectors in the UK, and we look forward to assisting in the promotion of offsite and innovation in construction methods, and to a mutually beneficial relationship in future years.

Evolusion launch specialist Quantity Surveying service

May, 2017

A specialist Quantity Surveying service department is launched which combines our existing technical expertise with outstanding commercial expertise to give clients' products and projects the best chance of success. The driving force for the establishment of this department was client demand, as QS services specialising in assessing feasibility of offsite construction projects were not readily available.

Evolusion named as one of the 100 HOT START-UPS by the Sunday Business Post

April, 2017

Having won a place on The Entrepreneur Experience panel in the Scaling Group and attended the inspiring weekend event in Ballymaloe, Evolusion were thrilled to be subsequently listed in the Sunday Business Post's 100 HOT START-UPS. Recognition for the innovative work our team has put in while growing the business is much appreciated by all.

February, 2017

Due to our expertise and international experience in Offsite construction, Declan Wallace, our CEO, was invited to address the Social Housing Summit in Dun Laoghaire with a presentation titled Rapid/Offsite/Modular Construction - is this the answer to solving our backlog? Declan's presentation was very well received, and we very much appreciated the positive and complimentary feedback.

In response to a continuing growth in demand for our specialist construction technology services, more staff are engaged

December, 2016

As Evolusion approached the end of 2016, ensuring we could continue to provide the expert and quality services our clients had grown to expect remained our priority. To attain this objective, our staff numbers continued to grow, most recently through the recruitment of two more Structural Engineers and a Project Administrator. Staff numbers reach 20.

Evolusion exhibit services at the Offsite Construction Show, Excel, London on 12th/13th October 2016

October, 2016

The Offsite Construction Show is the industries largest showcase for manufacturers, designers, developers, and all others involved in offsite construction. Evolusion were invited to take a stand at the exhibition again this year, and found our services to be of greater interest and in greater demand than in previous years, with increased number of visitors attending our stand.

Two of Evolusion's senior staff made a joint presentation to the Offsite Conference in Dublin, 5th October 2016

October, 2016

The Offsite Construction Conference brought together some of the country’s leading experts and international commentators to give a clear insight into current thinking on offsite construction, to answer questions on avoiding the failures of the past and how Offsite can be set up to become the future of building in Ireland and the best solution to our project demand pressures. Declan Wallace and James Young of Evolusion were key speakers at this event.

Evolusion resume offering Building Energy Rating (BER) assessment services

September, 2016

Having voluntarily removed ourselves from the register of BER assessors due to a conflict of interest while contracted as SEAI auditors of BER assessors, we have now re-registered and can provide both commercial and residential BER assessment services.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Enable programme is successfully completed by Evolusion

September, 2016

Seeking to further enhance our service offerings to clients, Evolusion satisfactorily complete the Enterprise Ireland BIM enable programme, a strategic consultancy programme designed to heighten Building Information Modelling (BIM) knowledge across the business functions.

Evolusion qualify for registration with Stroma for Standard Assessment Procedures (SAP) calculations

July, 2016

To further expand our Building Energy Analysis services, and particularly to enhance our one-stop-shop approach for our UK clients, Evolusion completed the necessary courses and examinations and became fully registered with Stroma for SAP calculations. Evolusion began to offer Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) services in the UK.

BREEAM services offered to clients consolidated by obtaining further BREEAM qualifications

April, 2016

To ensure that the highest quality BREEAM assessment services can be provided to clients, Evolusion sought to improve our BREEAM qualifications. Ludwika Balinska successfully completed the necessary courses and examinations to qualify as a BREEAM New Construction 2014 assessor.

Evolusion Innovation International awarded HPSU status by Enterprise Ireland

January, 2016

Our subsidiary company, Evolusion Innovation International, has been awarded High Potential Start-Up status by Enterprise Ireland. HPSUs are start-up businesses with the potential to develop an innovative product or service for sale on international markets. This recognition of our service provision is a major achievement which will assist us in further establishing our company as the foremost experts in our fields, and will propel our business to greater growth in coming years.

Evolusion gain BBA U-value and Condensation Risk Calculation Competency Certification

August, 2015

Diarmuid Hynes and Andrew Dunne have been successful in their BBA examinations and assessments, and the BBA has issued Certificates of Competency to the company and the individual(s) as being in compliance with the BBA/TIMSA Scheme for Calculation Competency Part 1 — U value and condensation Risk. This competent persons certification further demonstrates our committment to providing all our clients with the highest levels of expertise throughout all our service offerings.

Evolusion listed on Thermal Modelling Register

July, 2015

Two Evolusion staff members, Diarmuid Hynes and Andrew Dunne, have successfully demonstrated their competency in Thermal Modelling and have been included on the NSAI register of Thermal Modellers. This enables Evolusion to provide our clients with the comfort of knowing our Thermal Modelling services are of the highest quality, backed by third-party certification.

New staff

June, 2015

Evolusion is growing quickly, and with growth comes the need for more staff. We have recently recruited three new team members, a Quality Engineer, a Structural Engineering Technician and an AutoCad Technician, and we expect to be advertising more positions in the coming months. If you are interested keep an eye on our Jobs page.

Roadstone launch new block

May, 2015

Roadstone launched a new innovative thermally efficient block which can be used to minimise thermal bridges at junctions. Evolusion are providing Roadstone with the expert technical consultancy services required to thermally model all junctions to ensure optimum psi values are attained. Easier compliance with TGD L and improved BERs result..

Evolusion obtain BREEAM Certification

November, 2014

BREEAM is the world's leading design and assessment method for sustainable buildings and Declan Wallace of Evolusion Innovation has now been certified as a BREEAM Accredited Professional (AP). Evolusion can now offer a complete suite of sustainability design and assessment services to our clients.

Light Steel Frame Certification awarded

August, 2014

NHBC has conferred on James Young, our Engineering Services Manager, the designation of Light Steel Framing Certifier. Evolusion can offer our clients who are involved in Light Steel Framing construction all required and relevant services, and the appropriate NHBC documented certification.

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