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Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) terminology

Understanding the jargon

While Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), Offsite Construction and Offsite Manufacturing (OSM) are becoming more popular and their use is increasing dramatically, the sheer range and diversity of types and processes of construction included means that there remains an issue with terminology used. Some words and phrases seem to be used interchangeably, and precise meanings are often not clear. This can lead to confusion and inaccuracies, so regularisation of the terminology was always going to be a positive move for the industry.

A UK Government Joint Industry Working Group under the auspices of the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) has now developed the MMC Definition Framework to establish conventions which it is envisioned will lead to a more widely accepted understanding of MMC and related terms, and will help to foster greater awareness of MMC and improved knowledge of what it can incorporate and in what forms.

“The MHCLG Joint Industry Working Group on MMC is tasked with improving stakeholder education and understanding of MMC.”

What is the MMC Definition Framework?

The MMC Definition Framework covers all types of pre-manufacturing, site-based materials and process innovation. To enable MMC to be categorised, the framework first lists building typologies and material genres.

Building typology

  • Houses

  • Low-rise apartments (<5 storeys)

  • Mid-rise apartments (6-9 storeys)

  • High-rise apartments (ten storeys and above)

Material Genre

(These only apply to structural categories 1-4a)

  • Mass Engineered Timber (MET)

  • Timber framed (TF)

  • Light gauge steel framed (LGS)

  • Hot rolled fabricated steel (HRS)

  • Hot rolled / light gauge steel combination (SC)

  • Concrete & cement derived (C)

  • Timber framed / concrete combination (TFC)

Categories within the framework

There are 7 categories within the MMC Definition Framework:

  • Category 1 – Pre-Manufacturing – 3D primary structural systems

  • Category 2 – Pre-Manufacturing – 2D primary structural systems

  • Category 3 – Pre-Manufacturing – Non-systemised primary structure

  • Category 4 – Pre-Manufacturing – Additive manufacturing (structural and non- structural)

  • Category 5 – Pre-Manufacturing – Non-structural assemblies and sub-assemblies

  • Category 6 – Traditional building product led site labour reduction/productivity improvements

  • Category 7 – Site process led labour reduction/productivity/assurance improvements

Full and detailed descriptions of what is included in each category are provided in the MMC Definition Framework document, which can be downloaded here.

About Evolusion Innovation

The team at Evolusion Innovation has been involved in over €2 billion worth of offsite construction projects across Ireland, the UK and Europe over the past 15 years. The company is growing quickly, and we recently opened our newest office in Birmingham in the UK.

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