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Understanding Offsite Construction: For Your Next Career Move

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

How does an increase in UK offsite construction open up career opportunities in Cork?

Despite the UK construction market being, technically, in a recession, we are seeing a massive spike in offsite manufacturing and construction activity. Our manufacturing clients are seeing their order books fill up quickly at the moment and the design is generally outsourced to Evolusion Innovation. From a quality perspective, this works exceptionally well as there is less likelihood of professional compromise on the engineering side, as Evolusion Innovation is fully independent of all our clients .

Also, unlike many other types of products, manufacturing for the construction industry is cyclical - as was reinforced over the past decade - and it is subject to a greater number of variables, for example planning. By reducing project times and eliminating delays, project owners effectively reduce the uncertainty and inherent risk to more manageable levels.

The only way this can be achieved is by engaging teams of experts with true experience in delivering and implementing these technical designs. In fact, one of the greatest challenges with offsite adoption at the moment is that projects are not being managed properly. It is crucial to understand that even experienced design and build professionals need to up-skill when it comes to utilising emerging technologies for the industry, and this is likely to be an ongoing state. It is not sufficient to leave it to the next generation of graduates.

Why choose Evolusion Innovation for your next career move?

We invest very heavily in our people. Our goal is to get great engineers chartered, which is an important part of career progression. We have career development paths laid out for every member of the team. Being this people-orientated is not a characteristic of manufacturing, such is the nature of the business, and that makes a career within Evolusion Innovation more attractive for engineers of all ages and career levels. The key is to build on the qualifications, project experience and passion for the built environment that you already have, and supplement that with the technical training needed for a sustainable career in this changing industry.

About Evolusion Innovation: The team at Evolusion Innovation have been involved in over €2 billion worth of offsite construction projects across Ireland, the UK and Europe over the past 15 years. View our current career opportunities at

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